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Best Free Hauptwerk Sample Sets X. Composite of Sacré-Coeur. A free composite based on the Grand-orgue of the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur. IX. Pipeloops Organ Demos. Pipeloops offers full demos of all of their organs with periodic muting, meaning you can test... VIII. St. Omer Demo. A useful on its. H w licentie Of een Hauptwerk licentie nodig is. Als er No staat werkt de sampleset ook met de 'Free version'. * Deze trial versie onderbreekt het geluid ongeveer iedere minuut voor een aantal seconden. ** Deze trial versie stopt na 75 seconden, na het herladen werkt hij dan weer. *** Deze Calliope trial versie heeft 2 samples per octaaf. **** Beperkte omvang van klavier (onderste octaaf werkt. Hw licentie Of een Hauptwerk licentie nodig is. Als er No staat werkt de sampleset ook met de 'Free version'. * Deze trial versie onderbreekt het geluid ongeveer iedere minuut voor een aantal seconden. ** Deze trial versie stopt na 75 seconden, na het herladen werkt hij dan weer. *** Deze Calliope trial versie heeft 2 samples per octaaf. **** Beperkte omvang van klavier (onderste octaaf werkt. Augustine's Virtual Organs offers some of their sample sets for free, though only Hauptwerk ODFs are provided. Jeux d'orgues 2 : Stiehr-Mockers is a nice free sample set available for a Hauptwerk, GrandOrgue, and a vast array of other general purpose sampler software. If you like it, be sure to check out Jeux d'orgues 3 : Silbermann

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Sample Sets 1852 Simmons Organ of Los Altos United Methodist Church Released Evensong today annouced the availability of the 1852 Simmons organ of Los Altos United Methodist Church for HW5.Introductory price is $99 through March 31st, $129 thereafter.Memory requirements:16-bit compressed 1.7 GB24-bit compresse Welcome to my website, where you can find low-priced and free Hauptwerk samples, mainly from Hungarian organs and free composite sets. News All samples are compatible with Hauptwerk 4.2 and 5 version Free Stuff. The sample sets which are available for free download below are offered as subsets of the full versions of the respective sample sets. The demo limitation consists in having only a small selection of stops available for each instrument. These small sample sets may be used for testing the sample set in your environment Erfurt Büßleben virtual organ console. On this website you will find the pipe organ sample sets which allow you to play sampled instruments (their approximations) at home. To do that you need appropriate software. All of my sample sets are available for Hauptwerk pipe organ sampler. Some of them are also available for GrandOrgue software Martini orgel. De beste Sample Sets. De nieuwe Impulse-Response techniek van Hauptwerk 5, die van de akoestiek van de kerk een identieke kopie maakt, betekent een fundamentele verbetering van Hauptwerk. Het was de ontbrekende factor om klanken van het kerkorgel volmaakt gelijk in de huiskamer te laten klinken

7. 8. The project Sonus paradisi is dedicated to the church pipe organs. We are recording, documenting and archiving the sound of historical and significant pipe organs making them available for software samplers like Hauptwerk. We create audible and interactive software models of pipe organs. In this way, playable snapshots of musical. Virtual Organ free Sample Sets - Campioni per organo virtuale gratis. In this page you can find a list of sites with Virtual Organ and Instruments free Sample sets and Project for creating sample set. This sample sets are mainly for GrandOrgue. There are same HW sample set that can be used in Hauptwerk free/trial version Note: This sample set can be properly used with the free version of Hauptwerk. We have planned to make an ODF to join the Pels & van Leeuwen organ to the Lohman organ (using a fake 3th manual). So you can play both organs from one console. This organ is now available. In the foreground, the choir organ: The Lohman organ fron A little list of the best hauptwerk sample sets based on various features, characteristics and overall quality (IMO). X. Cavaillé-Coll organ Madeleine, Paris The Cavaille-Coll Organ of the church of Sainte Madeleine in Paris is a large Cavaille-Coll masterpiece that was worked on several times after C-C, notably by Mutin and Gonzales

Armley Schulze 57 stop MULTI-CHANNEL sample set (HW5 - download only) €428,00. !Alleen voor Hauptwerk 5 - For Hauptwerk 5... Details In winkelmand Nu gratis beschikbaar / Now available for free Sample sets voor Hauptwerk en GrandOrgue van het Onderhorst kabinetorgel (1762) in de Oude Kerk te Bennekom . Sample sets for Hauptwerk and GrandOrgue from the Onderhorst cabinetorgan (1762) in the Old Church of Bennekom Hauptwerk is state-of-the-art virtual instrument software for Macs and PCs bringing the world's best pipe organs within reach of musicians everywhere. Used for study and practice by professional and amateur organists, organ enthusiasts, and organ students, Hauptwerk is the world's leading virtual pipe organ software providing high.

hauptwerk sample sets In planning for the release of the various sets which use the Hereford Cathedral organ samples, care has been taken to create organs that are complete in their own right and bear comparison to other instruments of a similar number of stops Below is a table of commercial organ samplesets that were released since 2006. On Hauptwerk samplesets are (almost) all available samplesets. See also Downloadable (freeware, shareware, trial) Samplesets. A list of Organ ID's (unique number) of the sample sets can be found at: PCorgan forum: Overzichtslijst van OrganID' In November of 2018, we merged with CLR Resources, now we are the sample producer offering the most American instruments for the Hauptwerk market. In the winter of 2020, we released a sample set of an historic American organ - the 1852 Simmons organ at Los Altos UMC, and Summer 2020 saw the release of the 1925 E.M. Skinner at Holy Trinity RC. Our main goal is the creation of high quality sample sets for Hauptwerk but we also offer sample sets in HW1 format which are compatible with some freeware sample players like MyOrgan. Latest Changes: 2020/12: Notes regarding HW6 support for all our sample sets have been added the best sample sets. Bader organ Walburgis-church Zutphen (Nld) In addition to the particularly successful performance to capture the sounds of a Schnitger organ in a sample set, Jiri Zurek (Sonus Paradisi) has also made a fantastic performance with the sampling of the special sounds of the Bader organ. Both sets reproduce the sounds in the.

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  1. A cheap 3 manuals virtual organ, runing with Hauptwerk free edition. Price :15 €. Virtual Pipes Xport. Un orgue économique à 3 claviers, compatible avec l'édition gratuite d'Hauptwerk. Price :15 €. 6 free organs. 6 free custom organs for Hauptwerk with their common free sampleset. Organs designed with Myco
  2. All of these sample sets are available for two major pipe organ simulators: Hauptwerk and GrandOrgue. Right after having the software you need a sample set - that is what Piotr Grabowski offers on this website. Finally, you need to connect MIDI keyboard(s) or console to your computer. All of these downloadable sample sets are free
  3. ore, Giga (performed by Jon Liinason)2:57.
  4. d. While the raw recordings are compatible with the GrandOrgue software, structure must be provided in the form of an organ definition file (ODF) which tells the software how to use the recordings.. Tools such as Organ Builder can be used to quickly and easily make basic, functional GrandOrgue ODFs
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The recording and the Grandorgue format sample were made by Sébastian Halas, so the original sample corresponds to HW1 format, contains 1 loop and there is no separate release. The HW sample sets are available in wave format 44.1kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops (1-8) and multiple releases (3 levels) Free download at http://www.piotrgrabowski.plPieces performed by Paweł OpalaPlease donate if you enjoy it : All Products, Sample Sets; Sint Bavokerk Haarlem; 754.62 € The sample set is encrypted and requires at least Hauptwerk™ V Advanced! The Müller organ in the Sint Bavokerk in Haarlem is probably the most famous organ in the world. The facade is very impressive and magnificent. The church has special acoustics, which gives it a magical sound Daarom heb ik je vraag verhuisd naar de rubriek Samplesets en je vraag Mooie sample gezocht gewijzigd in Gratis samplesets voor nieuwkomers En ik geef al vast een aftrap van enkele gratis sets. Let op: niet alle sets passen in de 1,5 GB die Hauptwerk Free beschikbaar heeft

Gratis Hauptwerk 4 samplesets: Skrzatusz sanctuary. Gratis Hauptwerk 4 orgelsamplesel kompleet met 2 manualen en vrij pedaal. De gebruikelijke koppels en op Manual II een tremulant. Via deze website is het orgel te downloaden: klik op de link voor de download en verdere instructies.. Later wil ik hier nog op tergukomen. Demo St. Laurens Rotterdam Bij Hauptwerk free edition zit er een limiet op het 'maximale sample geheugen' van 1.5 Gb. De complete downloadable Velesovo (10 registers in Surround) is te groot voor 1.5 Gb. Om de downloadable Velesovo te kunnen laden moet je alleen de 'front' registers laden (dus 'rear' niet) en dan ook nog Mixtura, Quinta en OctavBass (bijvoorbeeld, je kunt ook andere kiezen) uitzetten During my experimental CODM phase in Hauptwerk v3 I created a custom composite Free English Cathedral Organ using samples from four 'English' style virtual organs - the St Anne's Mosely (the sample set that comes with Hauptwerk), the St Stephen's and St Augustine's Anglican Churches (from Nick Appleton in Australia), and the Prudhoe Methodist Church Paramount™ 450 sample set for Hauptwerk V™. 5; Guide to migrating Paramount™ sample sets to Hauptwerk V.

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1721 Arp Schnitger/ Franz Caspar Schnitger, Zwolle (Niederlande) Hersteller: Sonus Paradisi. Sampleset für Hauptwerk V. Stil: deutsch-niederländischer Barock. 4 Manuale / Pedal. 64 Register. Surround (mit Nachhall) Speicherbedarf (RAM): 13,6 - 43,1 GB. Stereo wet (mit Nachhall) Speicherbedarf (RAM): 6,9 - 21,7 GB Download free Samplesets GrandOrgue - Hauptwerk 1---- TIP: ---- U kunt het beste de browser van Google CHROME gebruiken voor de downloads ---

25:37. In this video I will demonstrate one of the most famous free Hauptwerk sample sets. It is a 3 manual, 44 stop Eisenbarth organ from Friesach. It was built in 2000 for the St Bartholomeus church in Friesach, Austria. The sample set was created by Piotr Grabowski Here is a collection of free or demo sample sets. They are supported by GrandOrgue under different license agreements. ODFs for running Hauptwerk 4 samplesets under GrandOrgue in 24 bit with multi-release full Version sets: Rotterdam Marcussen dry, Zoeblitz, Zlata Koruna, Anloo, Wildervank,.

Instruments - Piotr Grabowski - Virtual Pipe Organ Sample Sets. Nancy. Built by A. Cavaillé-Coll in 1861. Stops: 65 | Keyboards: 4+P. Alessandria You can load larger sample sets, but you will need to disable some ranks. 24-bit or 32-bit sample sets will work fully, but can be loaded in a maximum of 16-bit resolution. Non-commercial, home personal use only. No support. You must buy a licensed edition if you need help or advice from us. You may use the Free Edition on only one computer at. Free English Cathedral Organ. Custom CODM work. I have also done customization work of Hauptwerk sample sets using the CODM. If you are interested in creating a conglomerate organ, or customizing a specification, please contact me at goode.sa (at) gmail.com. Future Projects Tot dan toe was ik er altijd vanuit gegaan dat ik eerst de basisversie van Hauptwerk moest hebben, voor ik een interessante sample-set zou kunnen kopen. Maar opeens drong het tot mij door dat onbeveiligde sample-sets zoals bijvoorbeeld die van de Grote of Sint Michaëlskerk van Zwolle ook met de gratis versie te gebruiken waren Virtual Pipe Organ Sample Set. This page shows the Hauptwerk virtual organs that can be used with version 4.0 or higher with the best sound quality for recording technique and sampling. The project aims to introduce, in the Community Hauptwerk, a number of organs built according to the Italian tradition, which developed from the Middle Ages up.

Producer: Evensong. Software (s): Hauptwerk V | Hauptwerk VI. The goal with this feature is to create the widest collection of sample set information under one roof for free. If you feel we have missing/incorrect data and/or would like to contribute, we ask that you contact us and let us know. It would be greatly appreciated Pipeloops. Play and enjoy famous pipe organs at home or your studio! Our growing collection of sample sets for the Hauptwerk software (Milan Digital Audio) enables you to play unique instruments at home with unsurpassed quality. Experience the shiny baroque sound of a Gottfried Silbermann organ, the warm sonority of a late romantic organ built. A 10 stop evaluation mini sample set is available for free download. This sample set is fully functioning without time-out or limited compass ranks and is provided on a shareware basis - please see below for the full licensing terms.Specifically, should the set prove to be useful and the decision is taken not to proceed with the purchase of one of the main sample sets based on the Hereford. This page has listings both of freely distributed sample sets and also organ definition files (ODFs) to use commercially purchased Hauptwerk sample sets with GrandOrgue. Free or demo sample sets. These sample sets are supported by GrandOrgue under different license agreements. Please read the individual license agrements for details

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  1. Van het welbekende clavesymbel voor Hauptwerk 1 en Myorgan. In deze versie kun je de hamertjes die de snaren aanslaan, zien bewegen!. Ga naar de pagina om aan te vragen om dit clavecymbel te downloaden.(downloadgrote 82 MB). Deze clavesymbel kun je ook afspelen met de free edition van Hauptwerk 3
  2. Info over free hauptwerk organs. Resultaten van 8 zoekmachines
  3. Note that the Grand Symphonic Cavaillé-Coll is designed as a stereo sample-set (it is not a surround sample-set). It does require a relatively large number of sample-sets. You will need to have purchased all of the following sample-sets before you can use the extension: The price for the extension is US $119
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  1. Hauptwerk. Hauptwerk is a highly advanced software sampler specifically designed to simulate the church organ. This technology makes world-famous organs reachable for organists worldwide. Apart from a personal computer running Hauptwerk software, a keyboard or organ console with midi outputs, headphones or an external amplifier are required
  2. der een probleem, want er komen steeds meer gratis sample-sets. Op dit moment gebruik ik de volgende sample-sets: Mariakerk, Oosterwijtwerd (Christiaan Müller, 1741) Prib-kamerorgel (Daniel Prib, 2007
  3. BuyNow DEMO SAMPLESET - TruhenOrgel Kaufmann 2009 - for HauptWerk. FREE ADDON - TruhenOrgel Kaufmann ExtendedVersion - for HauptWerk. 25.00 EUR SAMPLESET - Organo Biroldi 1848 - for HauptWerk. 50.00 EUR BuyNow SAMPLESET - Organo Nenninger 1994 - for HauptWerk. 65.00 EUR BuyNow INTRO SAMPLE SETS CONTATTI Nenninger 1994 Biroldi 1838 TruhenOrgel
  4. Explore the massive library of instruments available for Hauptwerk. Hauptwerk VI is backwardly compatible with all instruments in Hauptwerk version 5+ format, and all instruments in Hauptwerk version 2-4 except encrypted instruments. All instruments except St. Anne's Moseley are available separately and are not included with Hauptwerk

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Sie erhalten eine E-Mail mit einem Link, um ein neues Passwort zu vergeben. Sollten Sie innerhalb der nächsten Minuten KEINE E-Mail mit Ihren Zugangsdaten erhalten, so überprüfen Sie bitte: Haben Sie sich in unserem Shop bereits registriert Sample set migration process: converting the licenses of existing sample sets and downloading the new sample set versions. I have an iLok license for my Inspired Acoustics sample set, but I do not have an Activation Code, so I cannot register and access the sample set download at the Inspired Acoustics website

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  1. Sample sets created for Hauptwerk version 1 can still be imported into the 2 and 3 versions. At this time (2014) 4.0 is the latest version. What is most remarkable about these new versions is the greatly reduced loading time for a sample set. Also, adjusting the tuning and selecting a temperament has been greatly simplified
  2. The samples are offered in 48kHz/24bit resolution. The multiple releases have three levels: short, mid and long. Hauptwerk v. 4. 2 and higher supported. The Surround variant of the sample set is encrypted, which means that it can be used with Hauptwerk Basic or Hauptwerk Advanced versions exclusively
  3. Hauptwerk sound outputs. Main - cyclic within octave, octaves and ranks cycled (5 stereo outputs). Rear - cyclic within octave, octaves and ranks cycled - effectively a simple stereo output for rear channels of surround sets (1 stereo output). Sub, Phones and Reverb are stereo mix-downs of Main.. The Reverb output is fed to the Lexicon MX100 which sends its output (wet output) to.
  4. WORLD CLASS INSTRUMENTS,AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Perform on the most sought-after pipe organs, recorded on location from around the world. Our virtual instruments offer an exceptional musical experience for organists, composers and studio musicians. View Instrument
  5. Hauptwerk. Hauptwerk & Virtuele orgels. Om u beter van dienst te zijn zijn we voorlopig alleen op afspraak geopend. Als u vragen of bestellingen hebt graag even via mail of via App dan proberen we u te helpen. Wilt u wel telefonisch contact stuur dan even een mail, we zijn momenteel ivm leveringen veel buiten de deur. Nu Leverbaar: Hauptwerk VI
  6. My free GrandOrgue samplesets On this page you can find the samplesets that I've created, either on my own or in collaboration with others. The samplesets are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license, Swedish jurisdiction

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The independence Church set can work with free edition of HW3 - cannot with GO (samples only) cause is encrypted. Groton set is not workin' with the free version of HW3. I tried - I failed. If you know different please tell me. Maybe I write to them, cause there are sammore free sets for HW3 that aren't in this link Free Organ Sample Sets and Utilities Hauptwerk 4 1 1 crack. for use with Hauptwerk software Hauptwerk 4 1 1 crack Hauptwerk 4 Keygen » Free Download - etalkey.com Hauptwerk 4 Keygen Size: 6.4 MB | User Rating: Program can be reintroduced uninstall feature will remove some hauptwrek your files Info over hauptwerk organ. Resultaten van 8 zoekmachines! Pagina 1 van circa 233.000 resultaten voor hauptwerk organ - 0.013 sec

EXPERIMENTAL SAMPLE SET. UPDATED. 1903 Rieger, 1 manual and pedal, 6-stop romantic virtual pipe organ. Sieraków Śląski Pipe Organ Samples (SSPOS) is a free Hauptwerk sample library of Rieger's pipe organ from 1903 chromatically sampled in 96 kHz, 16 bit-format and 2-channel stereo sound February 2020. sample set Serassi 1791 SS. Annunziata in Serina released. ANDREA BONZI - SAMPLE SET PER HAUPTWERK announces the awaited publication - free of charge - of the sample set for Hauptwerk of the prestigious organ Andrea Luigi and Giuseppe II Serassi 1791 of the church of SS. Annunziata in Serina (Bergamo) The Peterborough Hill Stereo set has been updated to work in both Hauptwerk version 4 and Hauptwerk V, we are now working on the dry and multi channel sets, and creating an instrument to the current specification. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries. Audio Angelorum / Trenchard Engineering Services ©201

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Sample set migration process from Hauptwerk 4 to Hauptwerk V Sample set migration process: converting the licenses of existing sample sets and downloading the new sample set versions Upon purchasing Hauptwerk, you will receive a detailed step-by-step instruction by Milan Digital Audio on how to migrate sample sets Hence there are many good sample sets available - though some are pricey. None of them comes close in cost to purchasing a physical digital organ. I use Hauptwerk for all my sample work today. Hauptwerk runs on Windows and OS-X. As a very heavy Mac user, I really appreciate this! Here is a photo of my performance setup at home Hauptwerk was copy protected using the HASP USB token (dongle) from Aladdin Knowledge Systems. The USB token was used to control the functionality of the single Hauptwerk program which was licensed in 3 editions: Free edition - Free download and use without USB token but limited to 1.5GB sample memory and 256 polyphony, stereo output Numering Matrix Sample - fan of Hauptwerk.I have purchased only one organ sample set.Sample Resort Business Plans - large sample sets. Www.hauptwerk.com.The Hauptwerk Free Edition will. Free Tape Samples - use Google search Marcussen organ Hauptwerk sample set Sample Of Questionnaire For Customer Satisfaction - You cannot use commercial sample sets if they are licensed via Free 808 Drum Kit Hauptwerk is designed to take full advantage of current computer capabilities. Hauptwerk can support over 500 audio channels, which provide a more faithful rendering according to the duration of the note being played. When you play on a Hauptwerk organ, it feels like you are playing on a (historic) church organ

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I decided to give this sample-set for free download. To use these free organs, you should: Download (once for all) the zipped folder 001154 and place this folder in the directory already containing your other Hauptwerk sample-sets. Download the CODF file (Custom Organ Definition File) of the organ you want to use Sample Sets. These are some sample sets which I have created which are compatible with the Hauptwerk virtual organ simulator. They are releasued under very unrestrictive licenses and are hoped to be of assistance for digital practise instruments. They also have been recorded for archiving purposes such that the character of an organ can be. Inmiddels zijn onze orgels leverbaar met meer dan 400 sets, waaronder de orgels van de Bovenkerk te Kampen, het Cavaillé Coll orgel te Metz, het Bätz orgel te Utrecht en het Trost orgel te Waltershausen. En het aantal beschikbare sample-sets groeit nog steeds. In de toekomst zullen alle belangrijke orgels virtueel bespeelbaar worden For these two sample sets we are not providing special trial versions any more (for Hauptwerk V), instead you can request a 14-day trial licence key free of charge from us via e-mail. Each code can only be used once, and we will only send out one code per sample set per customer

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The version of Hauptwerk is available as a free download on our website. The software relates to Multimedia Tools. Hauptwerk alt config 1.exe, Hauptwerk alt config 2.exe, Hauptwerk alt config 3.exe or Hauptwerk.exe are the common file names to indicate this program's installer. Hauptwerk was developed to work on Windows XP, Windows. -Haarlem Professional-extended voor Hauptwerk V (4-kanaals surround, front + rear samples) Historie. De voornaamste blikvanger in de Grote Kerk is het indrukwekkende Müller-orgel uit 1738, het meest afgebeelde instrument ter wereld. Het beslaat de gehele westmuur van de kerk en meet van de grond af bijna 30 meter Andere Instrumententypen für Hauptwerk Wenn auch die Pfeifenorgeln im Angebot von Hauptwerk-Sample-Sätzen überwiegen, so eignet sich die Software in gleicher Weise zum Spielen anderer Instrumentengattungen. Das Harmonium und andere windbetriebene Intrumente sind für die Möglichkeiten der Windmodellierung in HW 3 wie geschaffen Paramount Organs offer samples developed from a number of America's and the UK's finest theatre pipe organs. The best ranks have been collected to provide the organist with unparalleled quality. Samples maintain better-than-CD audio quality. All samples are stereo (Users of Hauptwerk version 4 will need to upgrade to version V or VI to purchase the current Peterborough sample sets. Previously purchased Hauptwerk 4 sample set licences will be upgraded to Hauptwerk V versions free of charge by Hauptwerk until 1st October 2020. After that date, they may charge to upgrade.

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hauptwerkshop.de - Ihr Spezialist für virtuelle Pfeifenorgeln. Bei uns haben Sie die Wahl aus vielen verschiedenen Artikeln von bester Qualität und namhaften Herstellern. Stöbern Sie in aller Ruhe in unseren Angeboten The Jeux d'orgues project is dedicated to the creation of French pipe organ sample sets, recorded on historic organs.. Connect a MIDI keyboard to your computer and you will be able to play them. The soundbanks are available for Hauptwerk, GrandOrgue, Soundfont, Vsampler, Kurzweil, Korg Kronos, Gigastudio/Linux Sampler, VST, and even as an iPad and Android app Als er iemand nog link-suggesties heeft of andere info of gratis sample-sets dien beschreven staan, graag. Jan Peter Teeuw. 2,202. Golden Member. Jan Peter Teeuw. 2,202. Bericht jun 08, 2009 #3 2009-06-08T08:05. Omdat inmiddels Hauptwerk is gekomen met een free edition,.

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Orgelmakerij Noorlander is een vooruitstrevend en snel groeiend bedrijf. Met klanten door Nederland en de gehele wereld zijn we een serieuze speler in de orgel markt. Door onze jarenlange ervaring op het gebied van software, hardware, audio, elektronica en meubelwerk zijn we in staat kwaliteitsorgels te bouwen The organ of St. Augustine's Anglican Church, Neutral Bay was built by Hill, Norman and Beard in 1929 to a specification drawn up by George Faunce Allman. It's been built into a wonderfully detailed neo-Gothic case. The original specification was as follows:: # The Closed Horn is harmonic from middle C up. In 1981, Walkers made some. Hauptwerk is state-of-the-art virtual instrument software for Apple Macs and PCs bringing the world's best pipe organs within reach of musicians everywhere Hauptwerk Free voor sinds 2002 van een specifiek orgel computer sampler programma en hebben zeer lang en hard gewerkt met verschillende sample set producenten over een periode van meerdere jaren om de droom te Er is zeer hard gewerkt aan de verbazingwekkende bibliotheek van verschillende orgel sample sets die voor Hauptwerk worden. Hauptwerk (HW1-import) +. Sample Sets by Pere Casulleras, Sonology Department, ESMUC. Gerhard Grenzing Organ, Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya. Dos teclats manuals de 56 notes i un teclat de pedal de 30. Compta amb un pedal d'expressió. Fou construït per Gerhard Grenzing l'any 2002. Disposició