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3. 6. What would you do if someone threatened your family/friends? kIlL tHeM aLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Torture the person who threatened your family/friends. slowly drive the threatener insane. Ignore it. You never liked your family anyways. Go after The person who dare threaten the people who matter most to you Sassy. Smart. Daring. If someone from work/school blamed you for something you didn't do, you would: Scoff, and ignore them. Tell them off and make sure they never did it again. Bring the conflict. Time to find out where do you belong, the Salvatore Family or the Mikaelson Family Hardest Vampire Diaries quiz, The Vampire Diaries Qui The Mikaelson also having members who are hybrids and witches. Enjoy more of our quizzes online. Question of Breakfast. coffee . waffles . pastry . mimosa . fruit bowl . fried egg . Question of Friend describe you. Loyal . Creative . Sassy . Smart . Question of Wrong blamed. Scoff . Tell them to shut . boss attention

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The very first family of vampires, known as the Originals of the Mikaelsons, have been on this earth for centuries. Each member is different in their own way and contributes in one way or the other to the family's intimidating reputation. So which one are you Are you more Hope Mikaelson or Josie Saltzman? Obsessed with travel? Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me Whereas the Mikaelsons vowed to be together Always and Forever after they became the Original vampires. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah Mikaelson to be always there for one another. The CW How Well Do You Remember Season 4 Of The Originals? Even though despite the vow the Mikaelson siblings parted their ways on numerous occasions Salvatore and Mikaelson have each had their fair share of struggles, but despite all their differences, they have always chosen to protect one another. While Stefan and Damon got much better endings than Mikaelsons. Klaus and Elijah had their fair share of enemies, and surprisingly, they were not killed by any of their enemies. After living for.

Which The Originals Character Are You Quiz. The Originals is an American television series created as a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, wherein vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and his family become wrapped up in the supernatural politics of New Orleans, LA. What Originals character best matches you You're dared to pass your hand through the flame of a candle. Would you? Do it, but quickly. No problem. I wouldn't dare. Question 3/10. How do you feel when you see a full moon? Creeps me out. It's beautiful The Originals Quiz: Only A Mikaelson Can Score 100% On This Klaus Quiz. A warrior fights for what they believe in. A warrior fights for his family.. The big and complicated Mikaelson family.

Take This Quiz And We'll Reveal Which The Originals Character Is Your Soulmate. by Kristen Catalano. - on Feb 04th. in Movies and TV. The Originals is a spinoff of the super popular CW series The Vampire Diaries. The Originals features a few of the manic characters from its sister show and even a few crossovers every once in a while Nikaus Mikaelson. You Got The Vampire King Klaus! Elijah Mikaelson. Elijah Mikaelson. You Got The Noble Elijah! Caleb Mikaelson. Caleb Mikaelson. You Got Kol! The Black Sheep Of His Family

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Your favourite quote: Dear diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today, I told him it was Joe. That lie...will haunt. me...forever. Yeah. Well, I bet that 2,000 year old witch probably drives a little faster than you. Wait. Let me guess. (patting himself) Fun brother, (patting bro) safe brother. Oh, sorry, I'm stuck on punch duty at the. Mikaelson family crest. Grief-stricken, Mikael decided to search for a way to protect his family from the werewolves. Though their family friend Ayana refused to help him in fear of upsetting the balance of nature, Mikael soon found another witch who would help him - his wife, Esther.Somehow, they were able to learn of the immortality spell created by Qetsiyah a thousand years previously. Klaus Mikaelson. You are the world's most amazing blend of opposites. Calculating but loyal, quick-tempered but ambitious, ruthless but caring, it seems like you just sort pick and choose what you. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. You can find out which character you are by taking a look at these zodiac sign descriptions below. 12 Aries: Marcel Marcel Gerard is one of the strongest characters of the show, and he also caused a lot of trouble to the Mikaelsons throughout the seasons

Read Which Mikaelson Brother is Yours? from the story The Vampire Diaries | Zodiac by MochiBoyJimin (-ˏˋ hiatus ˎˊ˗) with 542 reads. zodiac, tvd, diaries. Aqua.. A Sireline is a figurative bloodline of vampires or hybrids and the chain of those by whom they have been sired. If the originator of a bloodline is permanently killed with a White Oak Stake, or by other means, everyone in their bloodline dies within a few hours. It was a powerful and sophisticated link added to the immortality spell by Esther as a method of further protecting her children.

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Klaus Mikaelson x Reader story. You're a tribrid which multiple abilities and find yourself part of the Mikaelson family Klaus's true love and soulmate have been Caroline all the way, but they never ended up together. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that we picked Lucifer, Damon, and Klaus for this quiz. We often, at the beginning of the series hate and despise these kinds of characters. They are sociopaths, protective, charming, evil, and messy IN VAMPIRE DIARIES EVERYONE LOVES THE SALVATORE BROTHERS! BUT TO AVOID ANY COMPLICATIONS OVER WHOM THE RIGHT SEXY LOVER GEORGEOUS VAMPIRE BROTHER IS THE ONE FOR YOU TAKE THIS MINI TEST AND YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWER (I GUARANTEE!) ps i love stefan x ENJOY MY QUIZ AND SHARE! The Mikaelson family (and their supernatural friends who may as well be honorary Mikaelsons) doesn't have it easy in New Orleans, even if they are the top dogs on the supernatural food chain Are you pure-blooded like Draco Malfoy, half-blooded like Harry Potter, or are you muggle-born like Hermione Granger? There's only one way to find out, and that's by doing this quiz! Read More. Scroll To Start Quiz. Which magical school would you want to attend? Durmstrang. Hogwarts

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So for the longest time this website had not one character match personality quiz, but I guess it was inevitable because here is an attempt at a slightly more scientific, but still silly, Which Character Are You? test. This test was created by getting volunteers to rate the perceived personality of a variety of characters (currently 1,600) Here's which 'Pretty Little Liars' character you are based on your zodiac sign. Taurus: Klaus Mikaelson tumblr.com. Apr 20 - May 21. Taurus people are all about strength, stamina, and will. They can be very patient people, however, they are often found to be possessive

Hope Mikaelson is the main character in the TVD spin-off Legacies. She is the daughter of the original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall. Her father Klaus named her Hope after taking inspiration from his brother Elijah, telling him that Klaus' child will be the hope of the Mikaelsons'. She is the world's first vampire-witch. — Niklaus Mikaelson. 10. Maybe I finally realized the longer I stand in the way of what you want, the longer you'll continue to hate me. — Niklaus Mikaelson. 11. There's a whole world out there waiting for you, great cities and art and music, genuine beauty, and you can have all of it. — Niklaus Mikaelson. 12. I wouldn't let it. Lyra Hale Quizzes, The Originals. The Originals challenge the bonds of family at every turn. Week after week, The Originals takes us on a roller coaster of emotions that include tears, happiness, and anger. And more often than not, we want to pull out our hair in frustration at what's playing out on our screens. (Looking at you, Klaus Taurus: Klaus Mikaelson. Apr 20 - May 21. Taurus people are all about strength, stamina, and will. They can be very patient people, however, they are often found to be possessive. Just like Klaus Mikaelson, who is known for his power and strength, as well as being scarily possessive over people he loves. Gemini: Elijah Mikaelson. May 21. So you have those Easter eggs in this universe, but it really is such a new show that I think it's important to create a new identity outside of Hope and her family

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storiesss (@storiesszv) has created a short video on TikTok with music suono originale. | Pov: you are a Mikaelson witch #foryoupage #theoriginals #klausmikaelson #kolmikaelson #elijahmikaelso 13 quotes from Klaus Mikaelson: 'In every moment a choice exists. We can cling to the past or embrace the inevitability of change and allow a brighter future to unfold before us. Such an uncertain future may call for even more uncertain allies. Either way, a new day is coming whether we like it or not. The question is will you control it, or will it control you?', 'You know, over the years, I. Watch this The Mikaelsons video, Klaus Mikaelson | You think you can subdue ME?, on Fanpop and browse other The Mikaelsons videos

YOU ARE MIKAELSON! (@1vd_fun) on TikTok | 253 Likes. 16 Fans. The Vampire Diaries The Original The Legacie Wilbur zet de volgende story in the spotlight: Me against the world || The Hunger Games; Qrew zet de volgende story in the spotlight: Za'afiel (SOTY 2021); eldavia zet het volgende hoofdstuk in the spotlight: i believe this is all a dream 14.0; Mikaelson94 zet de volgende story in the spotlight: Shadowhunters || City of Darkness; theguardian zet de volgende story in the spotlight: the only. Klaus Mikaelson: I bowed down to you, brother, to make up for daggering you for the greater good of our plan to reclaim our home. I looked the other way, sister, while you repeat the same cycle with Marcel, falling again for a man you shouldn't be with while he controls the empire that we buit, that he took

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The Originals is an American fantasy supernatural drama television series that began airing on The CW on October 3, 2013. It is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and the first television series expansion of the franchise based on its parent series.The series follows vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson as he and his family become embroiled in the supernatural politics of the French Quarter. Kol Mikaelson Quotes. You can't trust me, which means you cannot love me. Not as I love you. Permalink: You can't trust me, which means you cannot love me. Not as I love you. Kol: You must be. Elijah Mikaelson/You; Elijah Mikaelson/Reader; Elijah Mikaelson; Not Suitable/Safe For Work; Unprotected Sex; Explicit Sexual Content; M/F Sex; Summary. A collection of smutty headcanons that I was requested to write on Tumblr, all of them are written in bullet points. General warnings are tagged above and each part will be individually tagged.

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  1. TVD 2X01 Damon Katherine kiss I've never loved you, it was always Stefan. # Anna # Fonda # Mikaelson # Rebekah # Shaun # aaron # accola # cosnett # ester # ian # katherine # kol # marcel # maxfield # paul # shane # stefan # stelena # wes # wesley
  2. You'd think she would have learned by now, by the endless cycle of disappointment and deception. I'm the devil in disguise. I haven't cared about anything for centuries. Ah, mother. I've arrived just in time for another of your deaths. There's a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music
  3. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Elijah animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>
  4. Klaus Mikaelson You're the one who should be keeping your eyes to yourself, sire. Caroline Forbes NIK! :((Klaus Mikaelson Kol, I think we ought to have a long conversation later this evening. Damon Salvatore Uh-oh. Kol Mikaelson Gotta run. Max Anderson I'd tap that
  5. Pick Some Halloween Candy And We'll Tell You Which Guy From The Vampire Diaries You Should Date. Everyone's a winner here. Article by BuzzFeed. 404. Joseph Morgan The Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries The Originals Klaus Mikaelson Gif Klaus Vampire Daimon Salvatore Klaus The Originals Vampire Pictures Netflix
  6. For over a century, you have been soundless in a casket. After being brought to temporary death at the hands of none other than the love of your life, you seek answers when you finally see the light of day. Only those answers are not what you wanted to hear. Series. Part 1 of Klaus Mikaelson
  7. Klaus Mikaelson | Sacrifice. Klaus Mikaelson. 26K views · November 12, 2020. 0:15. Haha I do not own !-Klaus Mikaelson. 8.1K views · May 14, 2020. 0:36. Klaus I do not own Credit to the name. Klaus Mikaelson. 10K views · May 10, 2020. Related Pages See All. Klaus Mikaelson. 23,470 Followers · Interest

An unsure smile broke onto your face as you leaned your head on Hope's shoulder as she whispered just how much she loved you. You were standing outside of the Chapel in New Orleans. The whole Mikaelson family were gathering together to witness Freya and Keelin get married Play 2048 The Mikaelson Family online with sound effects and UNDO feature. Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same image of The Mikaelson Family touch, they get promoted Tripboba.com - Are you looking for the collections of Klaus Mikaelson quotes in an article? Worry not, Tripboba got your back! Come closer, we will take you on the wonderful ride to find the best of the best Klaus Mikaelson quotes that you need to know as a fan of the series. Tripboba has carefully prepared more than 45 best selections of Klaus Mikaelson quotes just for you down below Other Klaus Mikaelson GIFs that we think you will like are listed below. Klaus Mikaelson Gif. Klaus Mikaelson Gif. Klaus Mikaelson Gif. Klaus Mikaelson Gif. Klaus Mikaelson Gif. Klaus Mikaelson Gif. Klaus Mikaelson Gif. Klaus Mikaelson Gif. Dawn Wells Gif. Dawn Wells Gif. Martin Luther King Day Gif elijah mikaelson ruined me. 22, she/her, not quite so reformed emo. this blog is sometimes 18+ but always fandom trash ~ TVDU, MCU. Navigatio

I might be downvoted for this but I thought Daniel's acting is a bit better than Nathaniel's acting. Daniel can hit emotional notes in his acting in a way that Nathaniel can't. With that being said, I think Nathaniel looks more like a Mikaelson, and can hit the crazy, bloodthirsty part of Kol down. 65. level 2 Take the Quiz: The Vampire Diaries Seasons 1-4. Im a TVD fanatic! Are you? This is for the television show, seasons 1-4. WARNING possible spoilers ahead We're on our way to Mystic Falls, a place full of intrigue and town politicsand also witches, werewolves, and vampires. This is the setting of The Vampire Diaries, one of our very favorite shows that features magic and mystical events as well as quite a few very hot guys (yes those abs are distracting). But if you're paying close attention (and not just to Damon's impeccable jawline. Klaus tacks on, Though I may be leaving you tonight, this is not the end of the Mikaelsons.. With one final always and forever, Klaus says goodbye to Hope, who promises to make him. If you're a fan of The Vampire Diaries — or really, if you've ever even seen a picture of Ian Somerhalder — then you know that the show is chock-full of hot dudes. That said, they come with a.

Klaus, I know you are hurt right now and you can't see it but goddamn after all these years, after all the bullshit that has come from loving you, I'm still here! That should tell you that I believe you're a battle worth fighting. Camille O'Connell-Mikaelson to Niklaus Mikaelson Camille Rose O'Connell-Mikaelson (nee O'Connell).She is the twin sister of Sean O'Connell and the niece of Kieran O. A quiz on the Televised version of The Vampire Diaries that intelligently lets you know which man you would end up with: Damon, Elijah, Jeremy, Klaus, Matt, or Stefan. If you want a quiz that asks relevant questions to base your results on personality, this is the quiz for you! In just 13 questions you'll learn all about who you would mesh. You don't have to look at the Mikaelsons to see that their shoulders are tense. You feel them take a step closer to you, surrounding you with some much needed warmth. You clench your jaw, forcing a smile on your face, yes, well, I didn't know if I was going to be home this weekend or not

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Klaus Mikaelson Quotes. My dearest Hope, I do not know how this will find you. As a child full of wonder, a teenager full of opinions, or a woman with the world at her feet Best 100 Vampire Diaries Quotes. Stefan Salvatore : New rule: You live your life, you heal, and in the meantime, we're friends.. Damon: We both know the closest you'll ever get to humanity is when you rip it open and feed on it.. Elena: There's more to me than just gloomy grave yard girl.. Elena: I want so much to. Rebekah Mikaelson in The Originals. 6. Share. If I tell you who I really am and you refuse to believe me then I can hardly be blamed for your disappointment. Niklaus Mikaelson in The Originals. 5. Share. You rant and rave about the monster I have become, but you, mother, you are the author of everything I am

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  1. You can see the two share a scene in season 3, episode 3. Joy also had a role in 'Children of Men' which also starred Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine. [The CW] 13. Is Maisie Richardson-Sellers in a relationship? Maisie has been dating musician CLAY for a few years
  2. You'd think she would have learned by now, by the endless cycle of disappointment and deception. I'm the devil in disguise. I haven't cared about anything for centuries. Ah, mother. I've arrived just in time for another of your deaths. There's a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music
  3. Kol Mikaelson is an Original Vampire. He is the husband of Davina Claire-Mikaelson and the father of Vivienne Claire-Mikaelson. He is the fourth born child of Mikael Agnarsson and Esther Mikaelson (Esther's fifth born overall). He is the nephew of Dahlia Hagen and cousin of Hjordis Hagen through his mother, Esther. He is the younger brother of Freya Mikaelsdottir, Finn Mikaelson, and Elijah.
  4. Being the youngest Mikaelson sibling is hard. You can't go anywhere outside the compound by yourself, can't go help them with the messes they get themselves into, and you can't even walk outside your room before one or all of your siblings are standing in front of you and questioning you like there's no tomorrow

Ce Wiki est une encyclopédie non-officielle de la série The Originals, dérivée de Vampire Diaries. Elle est centrée sur l'hybride originel, Niklaus Mikaelson, et est diffusée sur la chaîne américaine CW depuis octobre 2013.Le wiki contient 1048 articles et 4455 images depuis sa création le 8 mai.. New orleans louisiana 70114. Near the mikaelsons mansion. The mikaelson mansion. Action new orleans film locations you can visit. Next week well look at some of the best filming locations to visit in and around conyers georgia. Tour The Originals Moody New Orleans Mansion Photos Tv Niklaus Mikaelson was born to Esther and Ansel in a small village that would eventually become known as Mystic Falls, but was raised by his step-father Mikael, both believing he was his true father. Niklaus has six half-siblings fathered from his step-father Mikael, a Viking warrior and wealthy landowner who moved with his wife, Esther, to the New World after their home village was devastated.

-18 Jan 2017-Or the one where Lucien's crazy about you and Klaus is crazy about you and they are two very different things.. Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson/She. Potential TW: Blood, crazy dude is crazy, Lucien has no chill, and biting but not the good kind Elijah Mikaelson Imagine: You Are Mine. What You're Wearing. You smile into the mirror and place the brush down as you finish your makeup. You grab your coat and spray some perfume on you as you finish getting ready. I'm assuming you are finished.. You smile at Elijah through the mirror and nod. He grabs your hand and leads you out of. I whimper as he envelopes me in a hug and shushes me. They didn't know who you were love, they would have never done that to you had they known you were my daughter. I open my mouth to talk but I'm interrupted by the door opening making me jump in fright. A nurse peers in and smiles gently Mr. Mikaelson there is a phone call for. Tour 'The Originals' Moody New Orleans Mansion (PHOTOS) Ileane Rudolph August 4, 2015, 6:00 am. Comments. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Because of New Orleans' warm climate, we wanted. Freya Mikaelson Qetsiyah Bonnie Bennet Silas Dahlia Inadu [The Hallow] Mortals. Jenna Gilbert Jeremy Gilbert Liz Forbes Alaric Saltzman Cami O'Connel Rayna Cruz Yourself Mystical Creatures. Gargoyle Mummy Cade Malivore Gorgan Night Hag Sybil Selene Significant Locations. Bell Tower Customs. Aj Bennett.

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The Mikaelsons move to New Orleans and form an alliance with local witches in an effort to rule the city once again in this Vampire Diaries spinoff. Watch trailers & learn more Niklaus Klaus Mikaelson is a vampire and a main character of Malachai. He is a psychology student who moved to Mystic Falls. He is also the therapist of Elizabeth Parker and Malachai Parker. Klaus is a member of the Mikaelson Family. 1 Early History 2 Personality 3 Physical Appearance 4 Powers and Abilities 5 Weaknesses 6 Relationships 6.1 Elizabeth Parker 7 Name 8 Appearances Not much is. Klaus Mikaelson - I Did It For You. Originally posted by psychoticblood. I was dating the famous Klaus Mikaelson and I had been for some time, during this time I had grown extremely close to all of the Mikaelson siblings. I had known Lucien Castle my whole life, he was my best friend and when he turned into a vampire I asked him to turn me and. Elijah Mikaelson asking you out would include... • he's almost asked you out a dozen times already but never quite does the asking bit (it's not his fault things keep popping up like enemies to fight..

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  1. You can't take it back! Caroline Mikaelson-soon-to-be-Forbes screamed in frustration, her hands firmly planted on the large dark table. Her blood was boiling and anger rising with each passing second that they discussed the divorce settlement
  2. Klaus Mikaelson x reader. Request: can you write a smut for klaus where the reader has a headache and he jokes about how orgasms can get rid of headaches but then he ends up actually giving her head? Warning: smut, eating out Autor's note: Alright, this is my first try writing on a request, so please don't loathe me if it's not exactly what you asked for
  3. You're lucky I didn't turn you into the world's blondest roadkill! #toedit #original groupies #kol mikaelson #rebekah mikaelson #the originals #gifs #kol x rebekah #to #tos5 #to5x13 #ours #kayleig
  4. Pairing: Kol Mikaelson/You. Fandom: The Originals. Sun rays kissed your bare shoulders, the silk sheets comforting on your heated skin. You could tell the left side of the bed was empty by the fall of the sheets and the sound of running water in the ensuite

I Love You, Goodbye: Directed by Matthew Hastings. With Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis. With the final preparations for her union to Jackson underway, Hayley begins to question whether the ritual will actually work. After arriving to the compound, Elijah has a tense encounter with Klaus and quickly suspects that his brother may be up to something Knowing the Mikaelson's and Marcel for as long as you have, this was pretty tame for the usual extravaganza they usually pulled. But still nevertheless packed and trashy. You were waiting in the hall of your bedrooms waiting for your girlfriend Rebekah to come out Klaus Mikaelson - Here To Kill You. Originally posted by itisjustmylittleworld. 28 - He/she/they was/were here to kill you. Klaus x Reader. Requested by @crybaby-lashton. AN: Thank you so much for requesting this, I've been wanting to write a Klaus request for a while and I got a little carried away with this one :

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  1. See a recent post on Tumblr from @rweditz about legacies: hope mikaelson. Discover more posts about legacies: hope mikaelson
  2. Kol Mikaelson x Reader. You and Kol were a real life Romeo & Juliet. The two of you had met in Mystic Falls and despite your instincts, you fell in love with him. And despite his womanising ways, he fell in love with you too. Eventually all good things come to an end. The ending for you and Kol was after your first big fight
  3. when you never see the light, it's hard to know which one of us is caving. added by vanszerelem. fan art. the vampire diaries. klaus & caroline. 4x14. klaroline. klaus mikaelson. caroline forbes. Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes 4x13
  4. Klaus Mikaelson. Daniel Gillies (Elijah Mikaelson) · Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson) · Trent Ford (Trevor) · Dawn Olivieri (Andie Star) · Lisa Tucker (Greta Martin) · Gino Anthon
  5. Sep 1, 2020 - Amaranthine: related to the mystical flower of Amaranth that never withers; eternal, infinite Angelica Lockwood-Bennett was not normal by any standards, not ev..
  6. Which Witch Are You? Bonnie Bennett Vs Freya Mikaelson
  7. Only A Salvatore Or Mikaelson Can Pass This Vampire
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